Customer's reviews about Dubai Racer

“I have chosen Dubai Racer experience for my birth day party beginning. I had a party of eight, which let us do two runs with participation of every guest. The instruction was informative, brief and clear. Cars were ready to run as well, very clean and neat. It was a pleasant adventure, thank you!”



“I enjoy the Dubai Racer Track because of its complexity and an interesting structure. I go there every couple of weeks and bring my family to share all the fascinating moments of speed driving. The complex atmosphere is always friendly, staff is very helpful, they really take time to explain regulations and make sure that every participant feels comfortable. Thank you!”



“I was given a gift certificate to the race track and didn’t expect it to be such a great activity! Cars are amazing, very sportive, capable and ready to use. I enjoyed instructor’s brief, which was interesting and understandable for everyone. I am looking forward to come back again and have another round.”



“I am a trainee of the speed driving courses. I would like to thank my trainers for their exceptional customer service and result-oriented approach. I love coming back every week, the place feels very welcoming. I was lucky to be trained under direction of such a devoted and professional team. Thank you!”



“Very nice adventurous experience. I use the Dubai Racer services for corporate parties and events as a part of a team building program. Employees appreciate fun time off with colleagues and management. The Dubai Racer staff takes care of all organization issues, which guarantees great time to every event participant.”