Speed Driving Courses

The Dubai Racer speed driving courses are developed for a diversified customer audience: speed driving beginners, experienced drivers and professional racers. The main classes’ target is acquisition of knowledge and skills in the field of speed racing, including comprehending use of a sport car potential, sportive steering control, an affective braking technique, safe turning, fuel consumption management and so on.

The courses imply primary testing, in order to identify the driver’s skill level and identification of participant’s strengths and weaknesses as a speed driver. Testing summary allows our trainers to develop a personalized training program, schedule appointments and set main goals. At Dubai Racer we believe that careful planning and accurate coordination of trainees’ performance allow to achieve the intended aims progressively.

Every practical session will be supplemented by a brief theoretical part, including inner car mechanism, outer vehicle structure, sport car basic categories and their differences, road conditions review and effective techniques of their overcome, safety rules and regulations, turning tips and steering control management.

Speed Driving Courses in Dubai

Our motor sport complex organizes a number of events and competitive sessions for trainees of the Dubai Racer speed driving courses. Such contests provide great opportunities to apply the acquired knowledge and skills, learn more about professional speed racing, share experience with participants, get consultation from our mechanics and meet other car enthusiasts.