Race track

The Dubai Racer Track is one of the most fascinating motor sport fields in UAE. The total area of the track zone is 5000 m2. Such an impressive footage let our engineers to project the elongated motor run one kilometer long. The Dubai Racer Track is known for an ambitious combination of straight distance patches, slow skids, high speed links, which altogether guarantee unforgettable impressions. There are no supportive columns and other construction elements on the track, which makes the run especially comfortable, wide and safe. The multi-element track configuration includes 180 turns, elevation sections and downhill segments. The zest of the track is the 50 m long and 10 m wide bridge, providing a breathtaking altitude drop effect and a beautiful view of the whole motor sport complex.

The Dubai Racer Track is equipped with a modern time study system in order to provide a comprehensive report to every customer in print. The race summary report includes a number of race indexes, such as speed, time, fuel consumption, competition place and even a comparison mark to the previous customer ride. During the run participants can see a few lighted score-boards, demonstrating current race status, drivers’ positions, current speed, the rest of the meterage and an accomplished distance length.

The Dubai Racer Track

The safety aspect of the Dubai Racer Track is our priority. The track fences are made of high-sustainable plastic material with addition of rubber elements. However, exceptional width of all the track turns allows beginners as well as professionals perform maneuvers safely and confidently.