Yacht Varieties

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A yacht is a big ship mostly used for leisure purposes. Even as the demand and sale of the boats have fallen in recent times, they still remain a sought after variety of boats, serving several purposes.

They can be used by owners to travel and entertain guests while the boat moves across the sea, or for exhibition purposes. Lined up on the harbor in perfect harmony, yachts personify perfection in terms of craftsmanship and have the unique ability to look any inner harbor marvelous.

The top two uses of yachts in the present day and age among the brand new yachts for sale in UAE by MBC Yachts include leisure and racing.

Much like boats, yachts also include the sailing and powered types, with the powered types usually used for transport and moving about, while the sailing variety is mostly confined to recreation and competitive sailing, owing to the tough nature of maneuverability and skill required.

The types of yachts are usually classified by their dimensions, with the smaller and fast varieties often being referred to as cruisers, and the larger ones called mega yachts.


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The use of yachts for racing and competitive purposes has become a regular, even televised activity, also providing entertainment to audiences on TV, and onlookers at the race. Included in the racing varieties is the motorboat race, depending a great deal on the boat’s material for propulsion, and the power generated by the motor. Then there is canoe and kayak racing, with the races often taking place in rivers and streams with strong flows, making it harder for teams to maneuver past the waters and win races.

There are also competitions that focus on the navigation aspect, with there being a limit or in fact, ban on the use of technology to calculate to a route.

The most widely followed races involve the use or larger yachts that are used to travel from one designated point to the other, in the shortest time possible.

The Olympics also include several classes of yachts that are used for competition purposes. Although some of these have been discontinued, there still exist eight different types of boats that are raced.

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