Which Rental Car Should I Choose: Manual or Automatic

So, you’re about to embark on your holiday to New Orleans. Everything is in order - that is, everything except your car rental! There are a number of factors to consider when renting a car. Of course, the significant points to consider will always include factors like price and the reputation of the car rental agency. However, you should also keep in mind the type of vehicle that will offer you the most comfortable driving experience. An automatic is generally easier to drive and that way, you may have more of an opportunity to take in the gorgeous views of New Orleans. Perhaps you’re used to a manual and feel more comfortable driving a stick. You might even want to be seen driving a manual sports car along the New Orleans promenade! Before you decide on aspects like MSY airport car rental, follow this guide for some nifty tips.

Benefits of a Manual

Benefits of a Manual

Many people find that there is more power to be had when getting behind the wheel of a manual. While this is cause for debate – some manuals are more potent than comparable automatics and vice versa - it depends purely on individual tastes. Drivers often feel that they are more ‘in control’ when driving a manual. You are given the option of jumping up a gear or two at your leisure – thus it may feel like you have an added degree of power. And there is undoubtedly some merit to a manual if you’re traversing steep hills or towing a heavy load behind you. And let’s be honest, driving a stick looks much cooler – just like in the movies! Finally, if you’re used to driving a manual, then you’ll likely feel more comfortable in a rental car that is also a manual.

Benefits of an Automatic

At the end of the day, it’s widely agreed that driving an automatic is much easier than operating a manual. You do not have to worry about the clutch and the constant changing of gears. It’s just a case of strapping yourself in and off you go! If you plan to be driving in areas with plenty of built up traffic, then an automatic will give you a much more relaxed driving experience. As you change your speed regularly, you won’t have to concern yourself with changing the gears yourself. There is generally less wear in the transmission of an automatic. This is because you will not grind your vehicle’s gears even by mistake – a problem that sometimes occurs when driving a manual.

Which is More Fuel Efficient?

For a long time, there was a belief that manual cars were a better option in terms of fuel efficiency. This was down to the fact that manual drivers had more control over which gears they selected in each phase of their driving. Secondary to this, the assertion was that automatic cars were ‘guessing’ which gear was best at a certain speed – something that was always ideal in differing driving scenarios. This belief has changed recently, as significant improvements in technology have allowed modern automatic vehicles to shift more accurately between the right gears – thus making them more fuel efficient. So that means that the jury is still out on this one. There are even claims that some newer automatic vehicles may be more fuel efficient than their manual counterpart!

Which is More Fuel Efficient

Which is Better?

This really comes down to your driving preference. It is evident that if you have little or no experience driving a manual, then you should stick to hiring an automatic car. Otherwise, you’re more likely to have an accident and end up paying a fee for damage. Most people that can drive a manual can quickly adapt to the changes required to driving an automatic. They may not feel as ‘in control’ of the car, but they are perfectly capable of making the adjustments and enjoying a safe drive. If you are traveling up and down mountainous terrain, or if you are towing a heavy load, then a manual may give you a better driving experience. In parts of the US, a manual can also be more expensive to hire – this is mainly because they are less common.