Driving on Dry or Icy Road

In this article, we will tell you how to use mechanical transmission on different types of road pavement.

Dry road

If you are getting close to a crossroad where you are going to have to slow down, you don't need to shift from high gear to lower one. Slowdown on the same gear you used while driving, only lowering it to minimum speed. You can shift into a gear again after you have stopped and ready to go again. In case you need to rent a car in Dubai you can always visit Payless Car Rental Company!

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The road is slippery, which means that the vehicle shouldn't lose its stability. For that, you need to shift to lower gears. This will allow you not only to control vehicle's stability but also to control the angle of spinning out and to have enough power in case of an accident happening.

  • While taking off on an icy road, soften the moment of shifting to low gearing with the clutch slipping.
  • The most important thing while driving on an icy road is to remember that while braking you should not depress the clutch pedal and release the gear. Reliable tires are also important.
  • For safe slowdown on the ice don't brake hard, first drop the gas, then depress the clutch, go to the lower gear, and then press the clutch again. This engine braking won't let the tires block but will make them gradually slow down. The same type of braking is built in import cars (ABS), but not all domestic cars have it.
  • On a slippery road turn the steering wheel of a vehicle with mechanic clutch smoothly, avoiding sharp turns, to avoid dangerous drifting.

If you skid to a halt on the ice or snow, besides anything you should try the method of "rocking", when while moving forward you use the first gear and moving back - the rear.

Going uphill and downhill

In both cases you should drive using the clutch, so you have a chance to speed up or slow down the engine speed in short periods of time.

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To not slide back down, while driving uphill you should do the following: depress the clutch, at the same time turn on the gear and push on the gas, while letting go of the clutch. If the uphill is long, try to evaluate it's length and chose in between the lower gears (usually it's second or third) the one that will get you to the top. The first gear is good to use if while going uphill you also need to turn.

To draft uphill it's better to use first gear when the speed is minimal and the engine is working on higher power output.

Going downhill is harder than uphill, crash situations happen more often, that's why you can't only use the brakes, you need to brake with the engine, letting go of gas pedal and shifting to a ower gear.

Go downhill on the gear that's not higher the one that you used to go uphill. To not let the vehicle speed up because of the inertia, its movement should be controlled by the brake pedal.