Dubai Racer

The Dubai Racer company invites speed driving devotees to give a spin to their driving skills on a professional race track behind the wheel of a genuine sport car. We organize demonstration drives, racing tutorials and rides for a number of participants. Our fleet includes five modern sport vehicles, available for rent: Porsche GT3 RS, Nissan GT-R LM Nismo, GT3 Audi R8 LMS and BMW Concept M4 GTS. Our highly qualified staff is always ready to provide a comprehensive safety consultation and conduct a basic driving training.

Dubai Racer company

Dubai Racer experience is perfect for extreme lovers, active leisure, special occasions, it may also become one’s hobby. Motor racing adventure is also a wonderful surprise for every car enthusiast or a race fan.

Even rare practice on a specialized race track allows to develop advanced driving skills on regular roads and highways in difficult or dangerous conditions. Race driving standards are based on respectful treatment to all road participants, speed management, advanced steering control, safety rules correspondence and following to common traffic regulations. You can start by buying used cars for racing on the track from our sister company MeBuyCar where you can also sell your car in Dubai. Our customers have also mentioned development, of attentiveness, sight memory and reaction speed improvement. Dubai Racer main targets are popularization of motor sport, driving culture reform, drivers’ confidence support and providing great experience for every race participant. We are glad to assist every customer with detailed explanation of offered services and basic requirements. Contact us for more information on upcoming events and book your race adventure today!

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